"This is racist against white people."
Reverse racism is a myth because it ignores the power and privilege dynamic between the individual or groups involved.
“This isn’t us.”
This *is* Canada. Colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, anti-Asian sentiment, racial slurs, and hateful attacks have always existed and continue to oppress marginalized groups today.
“They were hired for diversity."
No one who isn't qualified is getting hired for a job. A company going out of their way to find people of colour to at the very least interview, is an important anti-racist act that helps to dismantle a racist system.
"Where are you from?"
Asking where someone is from makes the assumption that the person isn't actually Canadian, based on the question-askers idea of what a Canadian should look or sound like. 
"I guess I just can’t say anything anymore.”
We know better than we did in the past, and we should also do better. If you’re upset about not being able to say racist statements, there’s a bigger issue here.
"Everyone is entitled to their opinions."
Racism is not a matter of opinion. Everyone can have different opinions as long as the opinions don’t actively harm and oppress others.
"Go back to where you came from"
Telling someone to "go back to where they came from" asserts that they don't belong here, even if they were born here or have been here for decades.
"I don't want to talk about racism."
Silence is violence. If we don’t have hard, anti-racist conversations, we allow racism to perpetuate.
"I can’t change the colour of my skin.”
To be white means you have benefited from a system that has oppressed those who are not white.
"They're not all racist."
Trying to justify that one or some people you align with are racist, but not "everyone" is, is racist.
“We just need to be kinder to each other.”
Kindness—or politeness—won’t end racism. Anti-racism will end racism.
"People of colour support this so it can't be racist."
Just because people of colour are involved in something, does not automatically absolve it and them from racism. 
"That's expensive for an Asian restaurant."
There are many examples of racism around the topic of food, from culturally appropriated dishes to why some ingredients only become acceptable when a white chef or food writer give it a stamp of approval. Another form is via the casual remark that …

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